This portal leads you to the many websites I've made either for myself or for others.

To make things easy for you most sites contain a toolbar at the bottom of your screen in order to translate them into the language of your choice. This toolbar also connects you with social media such as Twitter, Facebook etc. to share contents. My sites are best viewed with Firefox or Chrome. Some versions of IE might have a problem displaying the toolbar or the Fotki site properly.


What  type of websites are included in this portal?

All sites connected or integrated in this portal are family safe and are divided in the following categories:

        • Animated gifs, images and photo's for every occasion and holiday
        • Tourist and other information about living and/or visiting the 12 provinces in the Netherlands
        • Information about crimeprevention for your business
        • Do you like fairies, Creddy Teddy, Tatty (Me to you) or the Bratz? You can find them here!
        • Listings of in most cases totally free software
        • All you need to make your own website
        • Original Incredimail letters


Go and take a look which websites I have in store for you


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