In the past 15 years or so I have collected a great amount of (animated) images on the internet which to my knowledge are copyright free. Some of these images I tagged or used as the base to compose images. I do not take credit for the base images used as they are owned by the original artist. Since it's been so many years I really do not remember where I found most images and in many cases they were found on sites that display large collections.  This makes it hard to give credit where credit is due as most of the time it is unknown who the original designer of an image is. Do you see your work at one of my sites? Please contact me so I can give you credit or remove the image(s) concerned as in no way any infringment  is intended.


Copyright on my own work

Besides the images mentioned above, there are also photographs and images which are made and/or designed by myself.

I think it is only fair to share my work with you as well. So feel free to snag whatever you like but please respect the following stated below:

          • Do not use my work for commercial purposes without contacting me first
          • Keep the copyright tag that goes with my alphabet sets together with the alphabet(s).
          • Are you distributing my alphabet sets? Then please make same clear to you visitors
          • Do not remove my tag/watermark
          • Do not brand them withyour own domain name



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